Precision Pipeline Solutions Advances Infrastructure Services with TCi 730 Street Trencher Acquisition

Street works street trencher asphalt cutter

Precision Pipeline Solutions (PPS), a preeminent leader in utility construction and maintenance headquartered in New Windsor, NY, has significantly bolstered its operational capabilities through the strategic acquisition of the TCi 730 Street Trencher. This acquisition symbolizes a leap forward in PPS's dedication to service excellence and innovative solutions within the gas and electric utilities sector. Since its founding in 2002, PPS has become renowned for its commitment to excellence, innovation, and safety, consistently setting the standard in the utility industry.

The TCi 730 by Street Works is adept at navigating road surfaces to trench below grade, streamlining the process by pulverizing material and backfilling in one efficient operation. This technology not only enhances project timelines but also significantly mitigates environmental impact, reflecting PPS's forward-thinking and environmentally responsible ethos.

This addition to PPS's fleet enriches its comprehensive suite of services, from pipeline inspection and maintenance to robust construction and precise meter exchanges. The company's commitment to leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies underscores its role as an industry leader, ensuring projects are executed with unmatched efficiency, safety, and quality.

PPS's collaboration with Street Works, culminating in the integration of the cutting-edge Street Trencher into their operations, marks a pivotal moment in their mission to deliver unparalleled utility access solutions. This partnership is poised to redefine utility service standards, promising a future where infrastructure is not only more reliable but safer for communities nationwide.

Street Works is honored to work with the great people at PPS and are grateful for their decision to acquire a new Street Trencher.

POSTED: March 6, 2024