Revolutionizing Utility Trenching In Asphalt and Concrete: The Street Works Street Trencher

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Utility trenching, a critical component in maintaining and upgrading infrastructure, demands a blend of efficiency and effectiveness. The Street Works TCi 730 Street Trencher emerges as a game-changer, redefining the standards for utility trenching projects. Engineered with unmatched capabilities, it introduces a new era of precision and performance in trenching operations.

Recognized for its innovative design, the TCi 730 excels in cutting trenches across various surfaces with unmatched precision. This powerhouse combines trenching, pulverizing material, and backfilling into a seamless operation, effectively streamlining what traditionally required multiple steps. Such efficiency not only boosts project timelines but directly addresses the urgent demand for quicker, more efficient trenching solutions.

Cutting Through the Competition

At the heart of the TCi 730's dominance is its array of cutting-edge features. Powered by the robust Tigercat FPT Tier 4f engine, it stands out for its fuel efficiency and adherence to the latest emissions standards. The trencher's durability is unparalleled, thanks to a heavy-duty chassis and boom system engineered to endure the toughest trenching tasks. Additionally, its high-capacity cross-flow cooling system and ergonomically designed operator's station highlight its dedication to performance and operator comfort.

The TCi 730 diverges from traditional trenching methods, which often involve cumbersome processes of removing and disposing of asphalt and concrete chunks, followed by the need for additional backfill materials. This revolutionary trencher is designed to cut through asphalt and steel-reinforced concrete surfaces cleanly and efficiently, eliminating unnecessary steps and expenses.

Efficiency Meets Environmental Stewardship

Utilizing a drum fitted with carbide bits, it performs cutting and pulverizing at a controlled speed, significantly reducing dust and typically eliminating the need for water. However, for projects where dust control or cooling is necessary, the trencher is equipped with a 305-gallon water tank. This innovative system ensures water is used effectively within the drum housing, preventing mud or slurry formation and sidestepping the need for cleanup.

Remarkably, the TCi 730 can carve out approximately 250 feet of trench in less than an hour, accommodating widths between 8 to 24 inches and depths up to 20 inches. This system's efficiency allows the backfilled material to be compacted promptly, facilitating quicker crossover by construction equipment or traffic without the requirement for additional materials.

Moreover, this methodology allows for immediate follow-up work by excavators, as there's no need to manage large debris of asphalt or concrete—the material is already processed into usable backfill. This not only streamlines the entire trenching process but also significantly mitigates the environmental impact traditionally associated with such projects.

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The TCi 730's Rapid Asphalt Cutting Capability

When it comes to utility trenching, the speed and efficiency of cutting through asphalt and concrete are paramount. The TCi 730 street trencher excels in this domain, offering unparalleled performance that significantly reduces project times and operational costs. A standout example of the TCi 730's capability is its ability to swiftly cut a trench that is 200 feet long, 24 inches wide, and 18 inches deep in just thirty minutes. This remarkable speed is a testament to the trencher's powerful design and cutting-edge technology.

This efficiency translates to the removal of approximately 11.25 tons of material, all in a single operation. Considering the average weight of the material dug is about 75 pounds per cubic foot, the volume of material removed in this example is substantial yet manageable in just one dump truck load, assuming the truck's capacity is around 15 tons. Such operational efficiency is not just about speed; it's about the logistical simplicity and cost savings in material handling and disposal.

The TCi 730's performance is based on its average cutting production on roadways typically comprising 2”-4” of asphalt layered over 6”-8” of concrete—a common construction standard for urban and suburban roads. This capability ensures that whether the project involves shallow utility installations or deeper infrastructure work, the TCi 730 can accomplish the task with unmatched speed and efficiency.

Real-World Success Stories

On the streets of Long Island, New York, the Street Works Street Trencher has proven its mettle, significantly outperforming traditional rock cutters and other methods used for opening streets. Mike Martino of Asplundh Construction highlights the trencher's unparalleled efficiency, noting a job that once took three hours with a rock cutter now takes only one hour with the Street Works Street Trencher.

The trencher's prowess is not limited to speed; it also delivers a clean job by cutting below-grade, pulverizing, and backfilling all in one step, showcasing its utility in the demanding urban landscape of New York.

Asplundh Construction and Bancker Construction Corp have leveraged the trencher's capabilities to remarkable effect. Asplundh has been leasing four T726 series Tigercat trenchers for over two and a half years, using them to open roads for mainline gas crews.

Bancker Construction Corp, with a rich history of over 100 years on Long Island, utilizes the trencher for its versatility and efficiency in handling various road strata, from asphalt roads of varying thickness to challenging surfaces with asphalt over concrete composite pavement or reinforced concrete.

In the past few years Precision Pipeline Solutions (PPS), National Grid, Miller Pipeline, and MasTec Utility Services have also added Street Work Street Trenchers to their fleets as well.

Flexible Acquisition Options for the TCi 730 Street Trencher

Street Works presents an array of acquisition methods for the TCi 730 Street Trencher, tailored to meet various operational needs and financial budgets. This versatility ensures that businesses can harness the trencher's power and efficiency in a way that best suits their project requirements and financial constraints.

Embracing Flexibility Through Rentals

For those seeking maximum flexibility without the commitment of ownership, Street Works offers rental options that alleviate the burden of maintenance, repairs, and depreciation. Short-term rentals provide a quick solution for immediate needs, offering monthly agreements with the option for longer durations. Furthermore, a unique "Rent to Own" program allows clients to apply a portion of their rental fees towards the purchase price if decided within six months, blending the benefits of renting with an avenue to ownership.

Strategic Advantages of Leasing

Leasing emerges as a middle ground between renting and buying, minimizing upfront costs and preserving capital and credit lines for other business needs. Street Works provides both operating leases, which are considered off-balance-sheet financing and keep assets and liabilities off the company's books, and capital leases that treat the leased asset as a purchased item for accounting purposes. These options grant access to the latest models without the full investment of buying, accompanied by the flexibility to upgrade as technology and needs evolve.

The Long-term Value of Purchasing

For businesses prioritizing long-term use and the autonomy of ownership, purchasing the TCi 730 outright becomes an attractive proposition. Ownership eliminates rental or lease obligations, offering unfettered use and control over the trencher's operation and maintenance. Street Works supports this path with options for new equipment, tailored to specific requirements, and a selection of used equipment, subject to availability. Financing solutions are available to assist qualified buyers, facilitating the acquisition process.

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Elevating Utility Trenching: A Commitment to Sustainability, Safety, and Future-Proofing

The utility trenching industry is evolving with a focus on sustainability, safety, and innovation. The Street Works TCi 730 Street Trencher leads this change, offering efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe trenching solutions. This equipment, which outperforms traditional trenching methods, supports the immediate needs of infrastructure while aiming for a sustainable future.

The Street Works team is dedicated to improving the TCi 730, ensuring it meets the dynamic demands of the industry. This commitment positions the TCi 730 as a key player in shaping the future of utility trenching, where technological advancements and environmental responsibility meet.

Sustainability and Safety in Trenching

The Street Works Street Trencher stands out not just for its operational prowess but also for its dedication to sustainability and safety. Designed to be more than just a powerful trenching tool, it catalyzes change in how trenching work is approached, particularly regarding environmental conservation and safe operations.

For firms like Bancker, the trencher has revolutionized material handling, allowing for the efficient recycling of materials that would otherwise contribute to landfill waste. This not only reduces the environmental footprint of trenching projects but also cuts down on disposal costs, marking a significant step forward in sustainable construction practices.

Future-Proofing Utility Trenching

At the core of the TCi 730's design is a vision for the future of utility trenching. Recognizing the ever-evolving challenges in the industry, Street Works is committed to ongoing innovation, ensuring that the Street Trencher not only meets the current needs of the field but is also adaptable to future demands.

This dedication to advancement means that the TCi 730 is more than a tool—it's a future-proof solution designed to keep pace with technological progress and industry trends. With Street Works at the helm, the trencher is poised to remain a leading force in utility trenching, continuously evolving to meet and exceed industry standards.

In merging sustainability with cutting-edge technology, the Street Works Street Trencher, supported by the robust TCi 730 model, is reshaping the landscape of utility trenching. It offers a glimpse into a future where efficiency, safety, and environmental stewardship go hand in hand, ensuring that utility trenching professionals have the best tools at their disposal to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The Bottom Line: A New Era in Utility Trenching

At the heart of the utility trenching industry's transformation is the Street Works Street Trencher, a marvel of engineering designed to tackle the toughest asphalt and concrete with unparalleled efficiency. Powered by Tigercat's advanced technology and supported by the exceptional service from StreetWorksUS, this machine is a testament to innovation, designed to cut and crush with carbide cutters economically. Its introduction has not only elevated the standard for how trenching operations are executed but has also redefined what it means to be efficient in this field.

The Street Works Street Trencher sets itself apart by offering extraordinary speed and productivity, a one-machine solution to the traditionally multi-step process of cutting and crushing. Its ability to keep streets clean and traffic moving smoothly, all while delivering on projects faster and more efficiently, marks a significant leap forward. This leap is not just in technology but in operational philosophy, emphasizing higher profitability for contractors through reduced downtime and operational costs.

Moreover, the TCi 730 model’s impact goes beyond mere functionality; it symbolizes a commitment to sustainability and safety, aligning with the highest standards set within the industry. For utility trenching professionals seeking to elevate their operations and achieve excellence, the TCi 730 emerges as an indispensable ally. Its introduction has not just been about improving a single aspect of trenching work; it has been about transforming the utility trenching industry as a whole, underscoring the Street Works Street Trencher's profound and transformative impact.

POSTED: April 2, 2024